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Our Experience in anti corruption training is second to none.

After eighteen years in Victoria Police, including stints at the Homicide Squad and the Violent Crime Unit, Alex (Founder, studied and completed an Honours degree in Psychology at Monash University. This unique blend of experience and knowledge led him to establish "Good to be Good (GTBG)," a consulting service in improving personal and organizational performance based on the principle of "Chesed" or loving-kindness.

The training material provided by GTBG is based on the findings of over 10,000 scientifically validated research findings in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, human physiology, anatomy, and genetics. The results have shown that the presence of stress hormones prematurely age us by directly attacking the DNA in our chromosomes, which causes mutations and, therefore, the diseases of aging such as cancer, diabetes, and dementia.  

The effect of high levels of stress also affects our cognitive abilities and performance. The frontal lobe of our brains is the area responsible for higher-order thinking, reasoning, and creating. It is the first part of the brain that is shut down when stress and arousal levels reach critical levels. The effects on performance and judgment are devastating. It costs individuals, organizations, and society billions of dollars in lost income, not to mention the impact on mood and enjoyment of life.

Through a series of programs, both generic and bespoke, GTBG aims to allieviate the factors that cause problems. From anti-corruption (nose to tail) programs, individual wellbeing, how to do nothing, conflict management and behaviour management, GTBG has a program that covers all needs.  

Why Us?

 Our products and services have been developed over 35 years of unique experiences and exacting research. GTBG gives a distinct offering, which transforms individuals and organisations. We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve.  Let us show you why and how it's good to be good.


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It's good to be good. Whether you want to live longer and better, or you want the same for your employees and organization we can show you how.  We offer a range of tailored training programs and bespoke consulting services designed to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's anti-corruption safeguards, individual development, motivational speaking, or maximizing potential and performance, let us show you how. Our ultimate aim is to maximize your happiness.


19.11.2019 - Listen to Alex Bartsch's address the Australian Building and Construction Commission live on how the principles of "Good to be Good" fight corruption and maximize employee performance. 


"Alex is one of the most engaging live speakers I've ever heard. Humour, knowledge, and wit are woven into a captivating presentation that speaks to all levels of the organization, be it the executive, teams, or individuals. Outstanding". - Murray Gregor



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We are now located at 461 Bourke Street in the Melbourne CBD. 


What is the course "How to Do Nothing" all about?

"You claim to increase people's health span and life spans. How?"

"Corruption in organizations seems inevitable. How do you stop it?"